Roger McGuinn

Partners In Crime

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Dear Abbie, I'd write you this letter
But your address is unknown
I'd tell you the world ain't no better
Since you went and left us alone

Partners in crime
In the streets of Chicago
Where are they now?
They're all gone free
I'd love to see you
And tell you hello
But you live in secrecy

I see where Tom is planning
To join the government
And Rennie says this friend of his
Is probably Heaven sent
Jerry's into therapy
And says he feels content
Oh oh, da da dee da
Lee is back on welfare,
John's up in the East
Dave is still reistin',
He hasn't changed the least
And Bobby could run Oakland
If the prisoners were released
Oh oh, da da dee da

Dear Abbie, I wish they would let you
Come back to us again
And truly I hope they don't get you
And slam you in the pen

Autor(es): Jacques Levy / Roger McGuinn

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