Part Of Your Own

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I wish that you could live forever
And that I could be there too
And that there'd be generations
To look after me and you

But I know that isn't likely
So I guess I'll say it now
That I'll love you past the boundaries
That time and breath allow

You were my first memory
We were playing in the grass
Like the colors of your apron
Love was colored in to last


And I'm glad the light still hits your face
And I'm glad every time you answer the phone
For you life and home have never been an easy place
And I'm glad to be part of your own You were the foundation
That we built my life upon
First with Dad and Cass and Mary
Then one was sick and one was gone People only get one family
And a lot of them are rough
I'm glad the one I got was one
That wasn't hard to love I hope I have your toughness
Along with your will to be kind
And know as I am one of yours
That you are one of mine


Autor(es): John Gorka

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