Part Three

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It seems I've been depressed all my life
I remember once when I was about eleven years old
On a summer day
I was aware of the nothingness of life
I said to my mother, there's nothing to do
She said, just go outside, you'll find something to do
So I went outside and did things
Now it seems there is more to do inside than outside
But still there's nothing to do
We simply manufacture circumstances that create a necessity to do something
Except for the procurement of basic comfort as a human being
Aside from manufactured circumstances
And the resultant required activity regarding them
Well, what is there
The play of the mind
The exercise of the body
Simply escapes from the basic reality of life's nothingness
??? we humans are happy
We're just in situations that force us to act
The contemplation of beauty, is it enough
To build a fire and simply watch it
Why jump into the folly of the human mainstream
It seems no use
Onward we go
Condescending to expend the energy of our own being
The construction and deconstruction of a life
And still there's nothing
Well, just go outside
The elements will teach you to respond

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