King Missile

Part Two

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Then one day
The boy was walking through town
And he came upon the Minister's daughter.
The Minister's daughter was so beautiful,
The most beautiful girl the boy had ever seen,
And on this particular day,
She looked more beautiful than ever.
He had decided that he was finally going to say something to her,
When she turn to him and asked him where he was going.
He told her he was just walking around,
And she looked deeply into his eyes and said,
"I know something wonderful we can do, boy,
"But first, you must prove that you are worthy."
The boy swore he'd do whatever she asked.
She said,
"I want you to jump over my daddy's church.
"Then I'll know you're the boy I've always dreamed of."
The boy walked over to the church.
It was the tallest building in town,
But the boy loved the beautiful minister's daughter.
He focused on the very top of the church and said to himself,
"I think I can, I think I can."
Then he huffed and he puffed
And he jumped over the church.
There, on the other side of the church,
Was the minister's daughter,
Waiting for him with open arms.

And the boy knew that the other thing
That was missing from his life
Was no longer missing.

Autor(es): Dave Rick / John S. Hall

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