Party No Mo

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[Ludacris- Chorus]
Party Imma party til I just can't party no mo
[Gucci Mane]
Party Imma party til I just can't party no mo
Lets take a shot, take a shot
take a shot, take a shot
Lets take a shot, take a shot
take a shot, take a shot

[Ludacris - Verse 1]
I dun had about four five six shots
yeah I'm getting wasted
red pills, blue pills yeah I'm in the matrix
two swisha, three swisha, four swisha, five
so turn my music up and tell these hoes to get live
got a pocket full of hundreds and some bottles on ice
conjure and lime got a n-gga feeling nice
dessert on my hip so if you gamble roll the dice
when I let it off once, make a n-gga think twice
you got more dough then homie you gon have to show me
you never say it rains like Tony Tony Tony
my Chevy's outside and it's sitting on Kobe's
and I keep the hood with me like Obi Wan Kenobe
wood grain trim, seats softer than your butt butt
make the car rattle from the speakers in my trunk
swishas burning slow and it got a n-gga stuck
but don't be a fool cause the tool's on tuck tuck


[Ludacris - Verse 2]
Tell that slow b-tch to bring another round
we gon party til the suns up
ladies rub your titties and gangsta's put your guns up
money money money if you got it throw your ones up
and if they ain't got it tell em shut up you dumb f-ck
my money stays in hand you could say I got a grip grip
out to scoop my chips you could say I got a dip dip
cause I talk money while these haters talk sh-t sh-t
and if they keep talking I'ma empty out a clip clip
but I don't want no problems I'm just trying to get my game on
take a couple shots and use the alcohol to blame on
holla at some chicks then find a b-tch to put my name on
then I'ma be I'ma be the one she put that thing on
i got the perfect song to make you want me want to shake shake
take her to the crib I don't take her on no date date
we all up in the club til the glass and table break break
and all they wanna know is how much more that I can take take


[Ludacris - Verse 3]
Now keep the camera's flashin we about to shoot a movie
a thick chick let me sip my glass on her booty
she stuck up on my hip and she swear she ain't no groupie
while I'm stuck up on the VIP, but everything is all Gucci
so I gathered all the women and we about to take a shot
gone out my mind, who's there n-gga knock knock,
don't you hear that 808 beatin down your block
keep the party going cause the party don't stop


Autor(es): Christopher Bridges / S. Crawford