Draco Rosa


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Mayflowers on the sand
a red moon is on the horizon...
oh it`s so clear
and every day brings a change
it never seems quite the same, oh yeah lay
some ease on your mind
won`t you set down that load ans start all over
you`re waiting for the perfect dream
situation never seen oh yeah/
(chorus) times comes like no other
when you know it`s real you may discover
it`s the way you feel
your wings were made to fly this time
there ain`t no maybe
when you know it`s real
these wings were made to fly, high
so don`t waste your time, only you can decide
so when did you come to feel
making time with the unreal is a better way to be?
in the mirror that`s on the wall
does it tell you of your crucial fall

so don`t you give up on your faith
when you wake up to the
morning sun
can`t you feel the promise that it brings
and when you`re
long gone on your journey
don`t look back, only think of me when you get there

so don`t waste your time
don`t you walk away from it
don`t waste your time
a little love is going to make it happen
once you
set down that load

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