Pathetic Being

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Break , through the walls of hate
Hard to give , but easy to take
Look at me , what can you see
The form of evolution which have no right to be
Who am I , without ability to feel
My sick dreams are the proof that my existence isn't real
Yet I have the hope , It's all what I have left

I am the victim of sick imaginations
Supply the visions and share separation
Erased from existence , my time has come
In the veil of questions lost will be my mind

[Solo: Czesiek]
[Solo: Jacek]

Resisting the pain I feel
Find the victim , then I kill
My body acts against my will
I'm ashamed of what I have fulfilled
Why they gave me my life
Why they did this to me
How someone dared
Let my eyes to see

[repeat chorus]

Betrayed all what I was living for
Against my common sense

Autor(es): Sceptic