Pave The World

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I'm so sick of cities that cap every rail
how can I skate a ledge without having to bail
it's time we took the streets back to skate and destroy
unleash the thrasher militia let the boards be deployed
7 piled hatred will mow you down
a pile of bent steel that used to be your town
a machine without regret at war with no emotion
skate hard 'til I'm paralyzed upon the concrete ocean
no more buildings pave the world
just flatten it all so we can skate coast to coast
no more trees pave the world
make 'em bleed 7 layered demon steed
I dream of a ditch in every backyard
of beautiful girls covered in road rash and scars
a world where we are always bombing downhill
and they dig out a pool in every landfill
if we paved the world I could skate to work
instead I take the bus like some regular jerk
knock down a fuckin' maple and turn it into a skate
who needs nature anyway, it's oxygen that I hate

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