Pay at the Pump

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I got that freaky deaky sneaky sock it to me feelin baby
If you want it come and get it cause I got it don't mean maybe
I can rock it rock it baby rock it all the way non stop
I can come over tonight I'll rock that cherry until it pops
Got that goody goody feeling baby you know that you'll be digging
Got that woody woody peeling all the paint up off the ceiling
Got that thing that thing you want that thing you just can't get enough of
And baby if you think you seen it all you just ain't seen enough

I make it smooth smooth baby make it smooth like peanut butter
I'm the real deal lover baby love you like no other
Give you that juicy juicy slice you know that its so nice
You'll want it for breakfast lunch and dinner yeah you know you'll want it twice
You got that shitty shitty innercity nothing's very pretty feeling
Baby when I'm through with you'll be feeling like a million damn I'm
Super duper party pooper piling on the pooper scooper
Rhymes until your ears are bleeding babe its party time

I said I'm 'm ready ready baby ready or not oh here I is
I got the one for the house rocking and two more for the kids
I am the man man baby baby with the masterplan
I eat much bacon in my BLT I ain't no lettuce man
I got the goods I got the gravy got the bag of beefy tips
I got the thing you knows you wants to have its full of oil and whips
I got the lotion got the tricks I got the young girls using vicks
Yo there's a train train coming and its loaded down with bricks

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