12 O'clock

Payin' Rent

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We bring that hip hop to make your crews flop
And now we striving that much harder to get closer to the top
Up to the apex
Who's next to get swept by dialects
I see that so clearly(?) 'cause you caught up in our vortex
'Til the next time we flip the text and throw down
Rhymes will have to go down on paper, then we're stage bound
Flipping that lingo like a poet had Kedo, or Judo
A Juno, when we chopping with them vocal
Antics and tactics, swinging semantics
Simple schematics that we kicks for the fanatics
Of hip hop, when we drop it's non-stop
We gathering the masses like a farmer picks the crops
I be the empty head filler, microphone guerrilla
And if you see blank ward, then I might have to drillya
Holding your soul, filling it up with the funk
And if the mic was alcohol, then I guess we's getting drunk

CHORUS <D-Shade]
People say they do, but they don't represent
'Cause before you represent, you got to start to pay the rent
People say they do, but they don't represent
Because before you represent, you got to start to pay the rent

<Revolution] (D-Shade)
A shaved head like ??? ???, a step from way back
Check the playback, everything smooth I rhyme through (aight then)
Check the moves, it's to prove we've been here for years
Without tears, like I was Rory, end of story
I read you mind man, just like a CAT scan
Intelligence enhanced, hence expands my mind stance
I'm full faced when I fornicate
I'm never dissing anybody, instead I'm ditching bodies (alright then)
With the vocal cords aided by the larynx
Kind of muffled through the gas mask 'cause your corps stinks
Your vibes have gotten rotten, from sitting in the sun
I am the one who comes raw but well done
Perfected, the funk fest like Beck did
Respected by many as the ones who wrecked it
Collected the rent upon the first because you're the tenants
In rap, we won the pennant, no rules like bad lieutenant

CHORUS <Revolution] X2

"Life ain't funny when you got no money" <- ???
** Scratched by DJ Storm **

You turn the fresh page upon the calendar
And it's the first of the month already and I'm ready
To pay up on your land tax and your mortgage
You didn't cough up the loot and caught the boot
Now who's confused well who wins and who's lost
As seen on TV but it's not Who's The Boss
It's the unpredicted, self-inflicted, got addicted
You didn't pay the rent and got evicted
Yo, peep who coming through, it's that Shades of Culture crew
Reacting to fools, like Mr. Clean the residue
Could be smooth or abrasive
Even what we got to give
To live another day inside this thing that they call showbiz
But some be getting lost in the mist of the glitz
So bring you q-tips and watch your back for the tricks
And sheets we elevated, now it's starting our descent
And the Shades will always sway, so that they can pay the rizzent

CHORUS <Revolution] X2

<D-Shade] (Revolution)
(Pay the rent)
Shades of Culture, DJ Storm, Revolution, Dark Shade
And the NDG crew in effect, my man Wilo
Ah you know, DJ Choice
My man Hank
Zoobone, zoobone, zoobone sound you know (pay the rent)
Fritz the man, you know
Shades like that, payin' the rent