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I'm from the army of peace
I know that I can do this
Fight against the evil of violence

Without arms nor aggressions
Only conscience, considerations
That the men are of the life the essence

More than a simple animal
We're human, rational
We have family, life and intelligence

Crucify the love wherefore?
Live on hating more and more
Life comes to an end when arrives the violence

Singing for the peace
Fighting for the love
Singing for the peace
For everywhere I go
My singing for the peace

No! No! No to the violence
No! No! I don't want indifference
The light of life will always shine

Doesn't matter wherever you may be
Carry the peace for you and me
In power, in humility, in the fight to survive

I'll bring a rose as a present
In the name of peace that was absent
But now ask us to come back

Men singing around the world
Fraternity and deep love
A child smiles and your look
Will shine again

Autor(es): Tony Sheen