Peacehaven Wild Kids

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There's a certain bunch of kids in Peacehaven that we know,
cause destuction and chaos everywhere that they go.
Been labelled 'the wildkids' by the local press,
banned from the youth club 'cos of the way they dress.

Leather jackets, black docs with red laces, all wild kids have got mullard boatraces.
Kids, wild kids, Peacehaven wild kids.

Meet up the flats up Roderick avenue, then smash 'em all up 'cos there's fuck all else to do.
PC Campbell and his force try and chase 'em round the town, but someone's gone and let the cop car tyres down.

If Seaford or Saltdean come over for a ruck, Peacehaven Wild Kids beat 'em all to fuck.
Clive from the youth club went and banned them all, now "WILD KIDS WILL FIX YOU, CLIVE!" is sprayed on his wall.

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