Pen & Ink

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Thinking back to what was angelshattered upon my bed
Washed away with tears alone...that fragile state that she's

"i'm so confused" she says now once again..
And tries to hld on while it's wearing thin..
She talks about faith but she's so afraid..sweating with guilt,
That's how she was raised.

Send it down to me, all that i cant see, cuz in my world of pen &

It seems i dont know what to think.

"its what my father believes, what my mother believes, what my

Believes so me too.. what my brothers believe, what my sisters

What the world believes so its true".

Into her pilow now she weeps..awakened from their tale she wants

Desperately to sleep..a world that makes her feel so small..she

"whats the purpose of it all?"
...down and down and down now she slips back...
Too many years of fears and wishes to retract.
Back to the shelter of good and bad...she tells me my views are

So sad
Love me and hate you. grow me inside you, trust me you need to

Made me to control you and i'll change you and i'll waste you

Until reality
Will never even phase you in plain view. the brainwashed warden

Of your
Mind's confinement...just a sheep and i'm your fucking tyrant

Autor(es): Eric Johanson