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It's going down around town what? Likwit Likwit. Uh.

"No doubt"

"Knock 'em out the box" Slick Rick 'Children's Story'

Verse 1:

Don't underestimate the reach

Here comes that city brother who lives by the beach

Defari work for Likwit organize

Dodger hats and snowboard shades

Camouflage my eyes

Hustle to survive

The Less mican man stands grand

And work with two twenty five

This here's the second smash

The album, the third

The trilogy will be heard from Toronto to Pittsburgh

Yo Ev do we got retail in Afghanistan

(Man I don't know but I know we got Japan)

Uh ha, word up we all over the states man

Doin' this

For the MCs and the DJs

The vertebrae

Without the be -boys

Hip hop wouldn't be here to this very day

And that's my word we tryin' to blow like the Hiddenburg

Swerve legalize dope in the form of vinyl

This ain't the final or the last blast kid

I'm throwin' heat on the map (what?) for the underground massive


"No doubt predicting far and ahead what will set the party off" -KRS-One 'The



Verse 2:

See lyrically shit is gettin' drastic

A lot of niggas flock tryin' to be new instead of classic

Like an Aztec

Praise the jaguar

Like the fact that the sun shines at the biggest star

Bigger than Mike Jackson or Michael Jordan

So many Candyland MCs are boring

See we be touring ? and ? (what?)

Creepin' up in the shower on bitches like Anthony Perkins (ha)


Lurkin' in the ranks

I'm tryin' to be like that brother Ant and stack mad Banks

Plus give thanks and praise

For each day I'm able to raise

And see that foggy haze

Comin' off the coast of the Pacific

We stretch to the Atlantic my crew is Likwit


Verse 3:

Yo fuck the pennies give me the silver dollars

The smooth scholar working hard straight blue collar

Appreciate wealth so I do for myself

First collaborate with live niggas and divide the purse

The well rehearsed MC

Defari Heru

I crack the glass blackboard MCs so I can see through I do my Dew

Do my thang

Hip hop is my Love Supreme

That's word to John Coletrane

This cat Dwayne

Rollin' down the diamond lane

Travel by train, bus, boat, car or airplane

To different venues with our names on the fliers

Likwit niggas known to get ship poppin' and get it on fire

I'm Extra Swift like my man Eric Brooks

I keep an eye out for crooks

Who contemplate rapin' my notebooks

Some cut fast but they don't' cut faster

Then the Kutmaster Kurt

When I work

I'm climbin' ladders


Autor(es): Les McCann