Perfect Survivor

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We wake up in our spaceship from a year in hypersleep.
On our way back to our system we receive a message
from an uncharted planet. We decide to go in.
We see a giant spacecraft whose crew has been hideously killed.

Absolute perfection
I find it hard to escape its attraction
Its strength and genius unhampered by morality
My secret mission brings me back to reality
I have to bring it back alive

Third officer:
Perfect survivor
Of an alien hostile race
Third officer:
Perfect survivor
Of a human crew in outer space

We return to our spaceship and break the quarantine.
A strange unknown creature has invaded our ship and now
it's killing us slowly. We're dying one by one.
There is no way to stop it. Most of us have given up all hope.

The ship is indefensible
You should know that you all are expendable
My sole objective is to offer it protection
I have been programmed to put you out of action
If I'm to bring it back alive

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