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Snow was falling
My tears were falling too
Because I was thinking of you
Now you'll come back to me

All night I wait for you
My heart trembles from just that one sound in the distance
It's like that day when things weren't so strange
I'm looking at beauty

I like everything about you
I'm sure your sense of humor is in season
Sometimes I feel so grumpy until I hear this song.
With winter comes the oranges I like so much
My fingers turn yellow from eating too many of those oranges
When I see those trees again
Know that I'm thinking of you

Listen to this song, even if you can't be with me
And I'll hear you whispering to me wherever you are
I missed you. It was tiring
I can't forget
I can see you in all of the white world

Verse 2>
Sometimes I seem to be thinking
And when I think of you so much remains
My imagination runs wild

I like walking in the rain
Your shoulder gets wet
But I hold the bright red umbrella in my hand
I guard you from the rain

I can't forget about you for a single moment
So many memories of you fill my head ha~~

This winter came to look for me
Why aren't you really here yet?
It's love, you can hear it in my words
Like a fool I still believe
I prayed that the morning wouldn't come
I can't be any more tired than this
You are in my memories
In reality I can't really see you in the flesh..