Permutation In The Aetheric Void (Ma-ion Sacred Seal)

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Thousand vessels forged through insectile wombs
In total dissolution we stand with pride
Through the dance of the sacred serpent, we march
Into the labyrinth of ancestral chants
The primeval garden and secret seed of the void
Self-deification of self, animism of soul
The esternal seed of power, penetrating in totemic lust
Below the black flames of the mysterious gardens
Devoured by the spectral call of the void

Atavistic calls and secrets chambers
Transfiguration of divine blackness
Through sepulchral chants
Self-fertilization of reptilian seeds
A hidden quintessence of atavistic power
Androgynous transformations and secret lust
Evoked in an ocean of pure blackness
Ecstasy and pleasure made flesh, beyond
The void of infinite power, keys to infinite madness
The essence of blood, the eye of the void
The hidden essence through the formula of reptilian unification

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