Frozen Mist

Perpendicular Strain

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Stained glass shatters from your elusive mind.
Fractured dreams risen in astral lights.

Dark shadows and silhouettes hide in our dawn.
Arise in the wake of your own apocalypse.

Your hollow stare.
Burrowing tunnels of luring ecstasy.
It grinds malediction in stagnant air.
Your hollow eyes.
Digging graves of luring ecstasy.
It pulsates with a halo of morbid pleasure.

The mirror has lied to me again.
Progressive animosity in harmony.

(Repeat Chorus)

The steep angles of your rotting flesh
An imitation of this doppleganger.
A clone of snapping necks
A perplexity of your own truth.
She's disguised as my nightmare
Embedded in your straining mind.
This is where my prayers lie
Unanswered and always reversed.

"Hollowness. Ecstasy. Malediction. Our fantasy.
Hollowness. Digging graves. Morbid pleasure. Pulsating."

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