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I'll look to you in times of hope please give me strength so I can cope through times of strife you are my light consume my soul with all your might
I'll cry this plee for your exstance victory come through perseverance
Inhabit me to guide my life help me see all the hate of fight it is your love that I need only in you I shall succeed
Though myths and lies that swell my head I look to you and break the bread this shell that's empty could have relief I clutch to you my last belief
The choice now one of circumstance I hope to God He will advance
We must be hope for all humble ourself we all must crawl I see the glory knowing now the time we make it must be now
The scenes of hope flow through my mind a place of peace I hope to find I scratch and pull for train of thought fall back on things that I've been taught
Last beat of heart and gasp of breath remember me not for this death
One day they'll ask if I was saved in the end we dwell and are a slave I look to them I thought were wise and suffer from my own last vice
Life death struggle hate persurvance

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