Beborn Beton

Personal Hell

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Waking up in blood,
while the morning paper sucks
the human liquid
into its veins
and a gallery of pain
surrounds my bed.
Raising up my body
couldn't help to feel the bloody taste
and inside my mouth
the feelings I arouse
while filling it - while filling it
with blood

filling it with water,
filling it with blood,
one step closer
one step Cut
and I felt as cold as Ice
as soon as I recognise you
on the floor downstairs.

Doorbell sings,
an angel get's its wing
I fear
the neighbor called the law.
ZODIAC MINDWARP record lies on the
was all they saw.
One step closer to my personal hell,
One step closer to my personal hell
Time was running fast
Policemen start to blast
their inner guts outside me

Me, being critic
Allways sceptical
about the things we do
Do or say
We keep on hunting... Me

Autor(es): Stefan Tillmann