Hank Williams III


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Well I drink a lot of whiskey and I'm smoking all the time
And I'm getting fucked up every god damn night
Everybody's doing cocaine and starting up fights
And I'm living fast and hard
And dying young with my fists upright

Living fast and lonely and doing what I do
And I'm spitting in your face because I'm dominating you
Living hard and doing time cause I don't give a fuck
And I've been beat down and thrown around
And now my friend you're out of luck

Cause I PFF
Just to get me along
I've done my share of raising hell since the day I was born
Yeah I PFF
Just to get me along
And I've done my share of raising hell ever since '71

I'm always getting loaded on the evil side of time
That's where I'm hanging out cause I'm always down
Living fast and lonely and using what I use
And I'm looking for a whore and I'm gonna fuck her black and blue


Well I'm always fucking drinking, drinking myself blind
Drinking my own blood because I'm above the human kind
Don't give a fuck and I'm always fucking mad
And don't you ever think about putting me in your god damn rehab

My blood is like a poison always raping you
It's gonna make you see a side that you never fucking knew
Doing what I'm doing and I'm always fucking hard
And now I'm doing dope smoking smoke
Sometimes I've gotta steal me a car



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