Merle Haggard

Philadelphia Lawyer

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Way out in Reno Nevada where romance blooms and fades
There's a great Philadelphia lawyer makin' love to a Hollywood maid
Come love and we will wander out where the lights are bright
I'll win you a divorce from your husband and we can get married tonight

Wild Bill was a gun-totin' cowboy ten notches were carved on his gun
And all the boys around Reno left Wild Bill's maiden alone
One night when he was returning from ridin' the range in the cold
He dreamed of his Hollywood sweetheart her love was as lasting as gold

As he drew near her window two shadows he saw on the shade
The great Philadelphia lawyer was making love to Bill's Hollywood maid

Um uh let's see he the two win the two shades
I forgot the words to it so I'm just talkin'
I'll tell you story about it
And un and we can tell you about Wild Bill went up there
And he saw those two people on the shades you know
And the Philadelphia Lawyer was tellin'

Come love and we will wonder out where the lights are bright

Oh I forgot to say what the Philadelphia Lawyer said to Bill's Hollywood maid
Now I'm a little bit nervous

Your hands are so pretty and lovely your form so rare and divine
Come go with me to the city we'll leave this wild cowboy behind
Now back in old Philadelphia among the beautiful pines
There's one less Philadelphia lawyer in old Philadelphia tonight

Thank you very much thank you
We'd like to introduce to you a group of fellows we're certainly proud of
Starting with Biff Adam on the drums
Mr Dennis Hromek on the bass guitar
And on my right Mr Bobby Wayne on rhythm guitar singing harmony
Over on my far fall left Mr Norman Hamlet on the steel guitar
Mr Roy Nichols on the lead electric guitar

They just released the instrumental album not too long ago
And it's call Introducing The Strangers
The first song on the album is called Stealin' Corn and here they are to do it
And it goes like this
One two three four

Autor(es): Woody Guthrie

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