Pierrot (translation)

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A lust machine carries you at full speed
Towards the pink clouds in the east
The wind ruffles your hair, I wants to move a little closer to you
He causes a desperate hatred to well up in me

Getaway, getaway, to the end of the earth
Blow away everything we fear
In this moment everything is new
Don't look back

A monster is chomping away at my heart
Taking you away without even realising it
It's just the two of us in this whole wide world
I brood sadly, scratching my chest

Getaway, getaway, to the end of the earth
If you jump off the cliff, the sky is blue
The overwhelming smell of life and death
I call out cheerfully

Now I have
I freedom I've never seen before

Getaway, getaway, I'm a pierrot*
An earnest, comical runaway
Don't cry
It's sad, but beautiful, that's life
I won't think about the dark future anymore
I won't lower the speed of my dreams