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I might try but I can never let you go.
You're like a tear suspended in my soul.
Don't say this is the greatest love you've ever known
Unless you'll be here when we both are bones.
Show me how you won't fail me now.
Show me how. Don't fail me now.

How brutal passion feels,
Demanding me to follow.
A sacrificial meal
It's so good, so hard to swallow.
All faults must be revealed,
Facades that leave us hollow.
Feelings reach such extremes,
Such ecstasy, such sorrow.

Is my devotion deep enough for you?
Indifference is a sword that runs me through.
If you could find a way to calm my pain
I'd never need another soul again.
Show me how you won't fail me now.

Nobody knows you like I do.
Nobody knows what I go through.
Nobody knows you like I do.

From ecstasy to sorrow.

Autor(es): Die So Fluid

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