Pillage Burn Kill

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Over the wastelands we ride
the legion has come to fight
ready to destroy the world of man

Summoned demons snarl
as the abominations bellow out loud
warchants in alien languages
in anger cry out
as the gigantic chaos hordes arrive

This means war

Cities are leveled
and left as smoldering mounds
your human superiority means naught
ursurpers of planets bringers of doom
for humanity there is no more room!

Your dead meat left for the dogs
pray to your gods it matters not
nailed to the walls
of your sacred shrines
now the race of man
fuels demonic pyres

Your reign has ended
your race has failed
the new masters have arrived
to dominate

You will all burn

Solo: As your cities burn to ash

Chapels of bones get erected as thrones
of gigantic summoned beasts
the last survivors of humanity
scream as the creatures feast!

We tear down your monuments
and reduce it all to ash

None shall remember
the vile realms of man

We strip your world of every resource
the harvest of death has begun

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