Terry Allen

Pink and Black Song

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Well I drove down to the drive-in
Then I drove in
Yeah I asked that carhop for a coke
Said...let's go for a little spin
She said...I'm losin you boy
Losin you
Somewhere between the burgers and the malt
I said...if you won't pass your pepper, sugar
Then I don't want none of your salt
An I drove off
Yeah I drove down the main drag
Smack in the middle of town
Turned on my radio
An let my leatherette top...down
Yeah I was cruisin out Broadway
Draggin down Main
du do de du do de you do de you do de you
And just then the dj on the radio said
Pink and Black
She's comin back again
An I drove in
(An when I turned up that radio...this is what I heard)
If you ever need somebody to love you
If you ever need somebody to care
Stick your finger...up in the air
An baby I'll be there
'Cause Pink and Black is comin back, Pink and Black is
comin back, Pink and Black is comin back...for you and me
An if you ever need to boogie-woogie
An if you ever need to dirty bob...ummmbop
Well baby don't stop...ummmbop
'Cause I'll be dancin there too
An if you ever need some brown penny-loafers
If you ever need some bobby-sox...well baby don't leave the hop
Just stay on top and bop...like we did in school
Yeah...we'll both be cool
So come with me...to 1953
An we'll bring back...all of our used-to-be's
Yeah...Pink and Black...she's comin back
For you and me
Whoooit Whoooit Whoit Whooooooo

Autor(es): Gérard Layani