The Faceless

Planetary Duality II : A Prophecies Fruition

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A vile adversary approaches with haste
The immense conqueror hides the sun
Final alignment is upon us, opening the dimensional door
Planetary interconnection releases inexplicable force
A dark energy awaits beyond the portal in the celestial formation
The distant rumble of a cosmic hunger for mortal soul
Eternal transcendence denied
Solar winds from another world breathe chaos to a ravaged planet
A cosmic rebirth
Midst the smoke of contamination and miscalculation
The celestial ones; ageless, free of physical bounds, infinite energetic control
"I am the suppressed darkness inside of you"
The original keepers of time
Perimeters of consciousness
Imbeciles beg for salvation
No one to answer their prayers
Pathetic germs accept demise
This manifest has failed
The cosmic force destoryed the barrier of realms
Infinite dimensions cross paths to recreate reality

Autor(es): The Faceless

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