Planet Of Glass Thoughts

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It's the archer that represents sagittarians.
Although in this case, it's a centaur that is flinging arrows.
Centaurs were the intellectuals of ancient roman mythology,
And sagittarians are quick to consider themselves their
Modern-day counterparts.

Those born under this sign are clear thinkers,
And choose to look at the picture most of the time.
They also like it when others agree with their
Well-thought-out point of view.
The alternative, for better or for worse,
Is that who can become argumentative and blunt.

That's not to say these four are intransigent.

You'll follow me outside and we'll navigate the walls
Of our minds until they burst at the seams.

Those born under a sign are more prone
To feeling all of the things we never feel or understand.
So back it up with a failing story about how you got it through.
No alternative to what we all rehearsed.
You say that we can be anything we want.

It's all the same, we have intransigence.

Please help me out of this, I never said I wanted it.
A brief flash of thought is seen through the glass.
So collect them and don't slip up.