Low Profile

Playing For Keeps

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Sharper than a switchblade, a brother standing in the darkness
Staring at those who oppose and who try to spark this
Intelligent wise, but I'm far from a corny man
My temper's quick though I'm a cool individual
Some idiot tried to claim I was doing some dirt
Cause I wore cuortoroy's and a sweatshirt
But if you took time to listen to the album, G
You'd see the W was representing peace
Get a piece in the throat who acknowledge the fact
I'm here to uplift the stiff in the lip
And if you ain't saying jack, you're wack
I'll makr you down in my book
Another punk perpetrator title I toook, shook
Broken in half, so many suckers in my direction
I could start my own wack collection
I told you from the start of my program the way that I was stepping
But you kept snoozing and slept on
My brother from the ghetto who never had none
Some claim to be down but see they all about fronting
See when I was young nobody gave me a damn thing
Clips and 12 guage shells through my windowpain
But now I got a little record deal they want me to forget about it
My past, stay calm, and just chill
Bought a big chain and suit and stand on the corner
So you and your friends can label me another sucker mother-
Boy what's up? This ain't Disney Land
I'm walking death row snatching all that I can
I told you before you should have never fell asleep
On a brother like the W, cause I'm playing for keeps

You know I'm wondering, how many bodies will be left
Before the song is over that I'm putting in step
5 or 10, better yet, aw hell, it doesn't matter
Cause I'm used to the sound of sucker getting splattered
For sweeping and sleeping on the capital W
Ain't nothing but a memory
It's taking over in 1990
Ain't heard of you or him, get serious
I bring more peace and soul than Don Cornelious
Yo I ain't down with fronting my grip off
I'd rather crease my cords and tell a sucker to step off
And bail like a true B-boy dropping rhythimatic styles
Aww shhh, I'm from the Low Profile
The home base mixed with the lyracist, remember this
You need to be smacked if you even think about dissing this
Dope diagram that I put together
They ask "Dub when will you turn commercial?" Never!
Man-mad loop that's hitting harder than concrete
Now look at your girl, she's on my T-I-P, yo
I'm down with the label that's able to put my crew on the map
Priority is watching my back
So you'd better duck low before I start to speak
And clear a path for the pro, y'all, cause I'm playing for keeps

Yo I'm playing for keeps and snatching titles from wannabes
Getting you real weak a sample of dope beat
I live the lifestyle of a path that you never walk
Talk too much, G, become a victim of the nightstalk
Yes this man is dope to those who be holding
Attempt to cause static within the Low Pro
The family is tighter than tight, you gets nothing
The tenuous torture stepping to the production
I remain in the shadow kicking unorthodox styles
Knock the posses and crews from the top of the piles
Just kicking and sticking, ripping and flipping
And give the licks to punks who think their posse be hitting
Word, I ain't for public appearances and making a name
For fame and turn around and preaching the game
Survival is vital, no matter how you choose it
I tend to express my thoughts to funky music
I get praise every day, it's a wonder
If I wasn't making records I'd be 6 feet under
So when you step prepare to rest in peace
It's on to the fullest y'all, cause I'm playing for keeps

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