Playing Hardball

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He wrote a po-em of a letter,
And i filed it in the trash
In front of him.

I thought a present'd be better...
Yeah, she took it back for cash,
Like, on a whim.

I'd be confused if...
(bv: you what?)
I hadn't made 'er cry.
But i've abused her.
(bv: i felt almost guilty once.)

He says to quit it.
(bv: or what?)
If he only knew...
It's just the beginning.

I'm comin' out on top! (bv adam: no she's not!)
I'm tyin' his hands!
The player's gettin' played at his own game!

She really oughta stop! (bv electrovamp: well i'm not!)
She hasn't a chance!
No way she's beatin' me at my own game!

Playing hardball...

I dedicated her a song, in-
-stead of listening to it,
She turned it off.

He asked, "what am i doing wrong?"
I replied, "existing - quit,"
And kinda coughed.

Cuts me
Down to
Tall and
Calls it all
Playing hardball!

Proud? he
Was be-
-fore the
Fall; his
Baby doll's
Playing hardball.

He's gotta earn me.
(bv adam: as if!)

Autor(es): ,Electrovamp

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