Play The Winning Hand

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When the law stops you,
From airing your democratic voice,
You turn to revolution,
Because you know you've got no choice
And you're faced with the left-wing,
But you know that you gotta fight back,
Do it all for your country,
Once again your under attack,

It ain't easy,
When you fight for the Nationalist cause,
It ain't easy,
When you stand with your back to the wall

You need extreme remedies,
When it's all gone extremely wrong,
But then they call you crazy,
Because you fight for what belongs,
Don't accept their ignorance,
Play the winning hand,
And all who stand against you,
May their souls be damned

Institutes and academies,
To root the rebels out,
But they can't stop the sound,
Of your un-dying shout,
When you're building upwards,
And your foundations are strong,
Then you know that inside,
You sing the victory song

They will try to stop you,
Shackle you in chains,
But you won't stop fighting,
While the blood flows through your veins

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