Please Stop X3

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My heart hurts less today than when i first heard you sing
It's worse to think that all this time does not mean anything
I know that you don't want anything that i could give
I hope some girl needs someone
Cos i need someone and i've got some things to share

My heart hurts more today than it did the day we met
The thing you never do is the thing you will regret
I know that you don't need any help at all from me
I hope someone somewhere needs someone
Cos i'm someone and i'll go anywhere

I need you less today than i ever have before
And one day very soon i won't need you anymore
I hope you never know about the drama in my head
And maybe someday i can be someone
Cos i need someone, i need someone, i need someone
I need someone, i need someone, i
One two three four

The girl can't see what she does to me
She breaks the same heart that she once set free
She can't hear me screaming baby stop it please
Oh stop it please
I know we're changing, i know we're changing
I feel you shaking, i feel you shaking
I won't go, i won't go
Until you know, until you know