Pleasure Kill

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Got nothing to loose man
All my stupid dreams got blown away

It's a mean time and I wanna go out on the streets where I belong
Cause it's nothing cool I try to figure it out why everything I do goes wrong
Hit me high and low it's a fake ass show - I'm leaving here tonight
Got a feeling inside and I just found out I've been taken for a ride

Keep wasting my time - cold heart inside
It really sucks but I don't mind

It look hard now - I open my eyes and I stagger to the door
Nothing is real it's a pretty bad deal I can't take it anymore
The hate is driving me mad I got a feeling inside and I know it's bad
Forced into a groove make sure I don't fucking move

Keep wasting my time - cold heart inside
It really suck but I don't mind

Lonely nights and Baby empty days
Get me out of this damn rat race
Hold me back - against my will
Living here is a pleasure kill

You think you found a way - to fool me once again
Well I got some news for you - don't even need you to