For Squirrels


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richochet try it's a sin to know
lefty devil-eyed what you can't see
candy coatd lie do you
under stand me? me cause I'm feeling down
but I said little girl, brittle bitch, pick your ass off of the ground.
premenstrual writer's cramp
yes I can relate
so the pop becomes camp a true fake
if you don't like it you can write
your own song.

Pleh...Bigwiggers, buttkissers,
pick your lips off of the ground.
Did you know I will go into this
regular world because it is fucked
though something's much better than
dirty hands, sell-out bands,
and all of those critics whose opinion
counts less than some shit in the end.
Music's a band-aid, or a bumble bee.
Does truth devour or stinger's in me.
Is life about being happy or don't mess
with my day?

Pleh...lazy kids, filthy mouth's, pick your
eyes off of the ground