The Sidekicks

Poetry's Not So Pretty

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When i ask you what you want but you don't even know
All the problems that you face you will not get through
And when the time is right you wont know what to do
When all of your problems have taken hold of you

This life you lead is false and deterred
Coz the way your living life you'll end up in the dirt

You'll end up in the....
In the dirt!

And soon your time will come and life will meet it's end
Unless you change your ways your life will be short my friend
Your goal in life is to live
My goal in life is to give
Yourself has now shined through and now the jokes on you

Unless your lifestyles changed you wont be the same again
All this torture and pain you've put your friends through
All this torture and pain
Your life won't be the same unless you....

Stand on your two feet

Your life is filled with guilt
Controlled by something thats not yourself
Your life is filled with guilt
My life is lived guilt free

Your life wont be the same

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