Poets Were My Heroes

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Bebe please take care of me
I'm a wreck as you can see
I'll do anything you ask of me
If you just would hold me

Hold me, love me
Kill me, cure me
Strike and shove me-
But hold me
Lust and burn...

When no one believes in what you do
And nobody sees
All the work that you have done
It gets harder to keep on
And when all you've achieved
Goes unsung or unconceived
It gets hard to carry on
Without help from anyone
/poets_were_my_heroes.html ]
When all your heroes
Have all gone into the grave
And the friends you've loved
But somehow couldn't save
Left you all alone
To scream and ring those silent bells of Lay,
What say you?

There's got to be another way
An alternative array
To the million shades of grey
On the checkerboard of play
And when nobody cares
How my indifference it flares
Like the fires that arobe
My sunken heart and the globe

All the talent I've seen traded for a drag
All the loved ones
I've neglected for a bag
How it was my fault
I wasn't there to stop you hanging from a crag
So sad, but true

Breathe in!
For me!

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