Poison in The Well

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Young vacant heartbreaker,
Do you feel like breaking something?
Cause you seem so cold, trying to be bold.
Blank prelude, to extinction,
Your words are misspelled treason.
Poison in your trust, poison in our hope.

Do you recall your first bee sting?
How you learned to feel pain?
Are you numb below your nerve endings?

Trouser kneecap, broken hat,
Dressed up in broken english,
Poison in huge quill, poison in your quill.

A founder of a scene,
An uninformed machine,
Love or hate everything,
Somehow you see apathy as soul,
A fool's youth's no excuse to be an asshole.

It's speaking english but I don't understand it,
Dancing on graves in their ancestors' gold,
Sucking our air, dispel malignant revolt.

Rats. What can I do?
My daughter has to live here too.
Poison in the well,
Poison in the well.

A picture life in the outside lands,
Somewhere far away from them,
Hanging from the grid,
Hanging from the grid.

Will she recall her first bee sting?
How will she speak of me?
Growing up surrounded by imbeciles.
A fool's youth's no excuse to be an asshole.