KT Tunstall

Poison in your cup

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Callous as you were
I can't believe you're calm
I thought you'd be a mess
of conflict and regret
But there you stand so tall,
a smile across your face
All shaven and cologned
But I can see no one's close enough to appreciate it
Go ahead, you look to the side
as people shine your shoes
It doesn't matter to me anymore
You've lost your talent to bruise
Oh oh, the legacy you leave
has left me out of breath
the only place it leads is to the death of a virgin, part of me

Now you'll always worry.. there's poison in your cup
and beggars at your door
when you think of us, you wanna feel the coolness of the floor against your face
but there's no time to rest
For your forever chased
by the cold, cold, cold, coldness

Now you'll always worry...

No no, I'm not gonna taste it no more
no no, I won't

Autor(es): KT Tunstall