Banda X

Poor Girl

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You sat at home the windows tinted black it hits you hard and you
Cried so long life turned & wandered never to come back again
Takes what she gives you don't feel sorry for her when you fell
Out of the starlight inn you were too hurt to walk to bad to
Begin i looked at the sign but i couldnt feel sad for you takes
What she gives you don't cry when you kiss her poor little girl
Ran away from home i try to explain why she wont say a thing sad
Sad thing im so far away now how can i say why she wont talk at
All she holds the deck of cards she wants to be alone "ill
Be very ill and i tried waking up now i want to be alone"
When you ran out of petes hotel you didnt look so good and you
Didnt feel so well "hold me tight" but i couldnt get
It right takes what she gives you... poor little girl...she
Holds a deck of cards she wants to be alone she still drinks in
The dark the radio is left on late she saw a madman fight and
Break it all cause she hated himself and she felt better off
Cause she was only drunk