Poor You For Listening

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You never were much fun
You made me hide my eyes
You hit me like the sun
A life built on routine has replaced that of surprise
And I've been feeling better since I turned away my eyes
Ever since you left me, I felt like I was new
And I haven't got much else to say to you

Poor me
Stick around and you will see
Poor me
Poor you for listening

All I ever want is morning
All I ever get is night
All I ever want is boring
All I ever get is fright
All I ever want is the doctor's office lollipop
All I ever get is the tetanus shot
All I ever want is the feeling that I'm over you
All I ever get is not

I want an empty world
I never had a friend
I never had a girl
All these things I've never had before, now I've got in spades
And hearts, and clubs, and diamonds for fifty-two straight days
As I step up to the table, I find I'm unprepared
All I got is poker, all I want is solitaire

Now that we're apart
The party never stops
The boredom never starts
I haven't time to breathe now, that's why my face is red
As rings, and tones, and busy signals bounce about my head
Savoring what's left of sleep as I am forced to rise
And figuring I'm not missing much, fall back and close my eyes