Banner Pilot

Portland Lights

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yeah people stop and stare
through stale smoke air
the fireworks blare
she asks me

so then i came clean
and killed the dream
finale seen
so quickly

the fake smiles made it seem sadder
perceptions all torn and tattered and now

find myself walking by
tabor park - one spring night
its where our future died
and these same portland lights
will help me find my way
past wet blurred street signs
some lawn at day ill lay
and pass out clutching cheap red wine

i think i spent the greater part of tonight
just waiting for you
on the chance that id meet up with the girl
i never outgrew

but now with shit to show
its kinda hard to let you go
kick this dust off my clothes
spit the dust out my mouth
make my way downtown

waking up to city sounds
ill take one last look around
and if the streets are empty then ill
let the raindrops wipe me clean of you

Autor(es): Banner Pilot