Positonic Showering

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Distortion in my sight
Interferences, the radar seems to be mad
Between the binary star
Magnetic forces can't jam my craft

There's nowhere to run
The attractor beam take us to his heart
I can use no gun
An induction field has locked our guts

I must find the source
Emeting from the double planet
Data incomplete
Mechanic solutions are now to except

A magnetic wave
Between the two stars
Lock us the gate
To other suns

Our conclusions were false
It's not a machine but a strange sort of life
I engage battle
Trying to shoot & destroy the enemy trap

Receiving a signal
Computer analyse but no result we find
Between the two stars
Some positon showered our craft

Condemned to dive
In this trap we'll die

solo Alex

Try to understand
The strange code used by this life
Communication is all right
Now we send a message

The trap disappear
But the ship is diving covered by a strange energy
A strange gate appear
Entering a new world