Possessed by the Serpents Vengeance

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We dwell in purity
Beneath a sea of abundance
Content with the nurture
Of our native land

We are awakened in torment
Stabbed by the oppressors blade

A silence
Slashed by tyranny's
Hostile face

Provoke they must
The righteous sons
Invading our dwelling
And yield we shall not

Restrain us
And we shall strike
At the throats of our
Oppressors possessed by the
Serpents vengeance
Hold us down and you shall know
The fury that dwells within

Your wrath coiled around the earth
Your venom courses it veins
Strike at their fear
Destroy their kingdoms
With your poisonous rage


Pulsing through seas of a blind age
Appear in their dreams
As a hellish crusade
Suppression, condemnation
To spit away

Probing with your morality
Bore us not with your profanity
For those who rose
Shall strike
With the serpents vengeance

Autor(es): Aeternus