Poster Child For Happiness

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I never claimed to be a savior
I never claimed a whole hell of a lot
Look around your cluttered bedroom
At all the things i haven't got
I might have claimed that i could save her
But it looks like i was wrong
I look around her cluttered bedroom
And wonder where she's gone

Sad can't last forever
Cos nothing ever does

To me you're more than just another face in the crowd
And i don't want to whisper but i can't say this all out loud
You know the sun is always shining above his bed of clouds
And it's the prettiest up here when it's raining downtown

Of course i wish that i could save her
And so do all of you
And we try our best every day
But what the hell can we do
We're all pretending we can save her
And make her live her own life
But the day i even close my eyes
Is the day that she'll pick up that knife

Sad can't last forever cos nothing ever does
And we can't be together
If there's no such thing as love