Pov City Anthem Freestyle

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Tony Yayo:]
Ya'll remember back in the day like '94 '95
Freaky Tah used to walk around the park with his big ass radio
With a thousand LBs behind him
Shit was real back then
Word up man
Shit was real real god tops, blue tops, orange tops
I remember all that shit man
We got 134 all stars me, myself Tony Yayo
Bust this shit yo, yo yo

[Verse 1: Tony Yayo:]
I'm like New York plates out of town i'm hot
You could see me on ya Boulevard, strip or block
From wratchets to pooh
Nigga want you 'gon do
Cause they can make caskets for big niggas too
I treat money like fertilizer spread it out and watch it grow
Flashy like Richard Po
Nigga back in the day niggas was dyin' for lyin'
Now a days niggas is payed for rhymin'
Rap is like wrestling everything is fake
But its a good pussy getter and the cash is great
We used to catch cases
Goin' hard for the papers
Now we lookin' for blowjobs out in Vegas
At the end of my life I die in my own arms
So I hope I see G-Pop's and Fat Sha moms
Then Kav-O and matter of fact P-Lo
And my man Freaky Tah right to hell they go
I'm a hot boy nigga with no tattoos
Have you tied in L.A. take ya tar shoes
We always overcrowd the bar
But never overcrowd the car
I leave the crowd layed on tar
I got a good up and down game in bed
You could ask the dikes, the wifes, hood rats and chicken heads
If ya bitch wanna see use the Power Plays
The best protection for babies and AIDS
When i'm trippin' off of Exctasy
With Tiffany
The condom on my dick be intensity
Yo I tear backs
With a pack of bare backs
And hide from my wife when back got a scratch
I'm that nigga and thats your bitch
Sex so good she takin' pictures of my dick
See me in the Six
Double O
Car slow
Henny, Mo'
Good to go
This bitch is a pro
I rock Stacey Adams nigga fuck food stamps
And roll with football stars like Bruce Brance
In a stretch limo
Yo its all for the Ditto
So i'm tryin' to eat like Hungry Hungry Hippo
I rather be in the streets than be in the yard
Give my lawyer 5 gees now hes on the shore
The Ds peep hard
But my bail be a "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card
The world ain't shit I just live in it
I always think of the shit that I did in it
I got no one to trust cause friends is fake
And even family members'll set you up for ya cake
Like rich, poor to uncle
So be on ya P's and Q's cause it could happen on the Hubble
I got artistic integrity
And ability
When I use them big words ya bitch be feelin' me
You know the style
Walk around with the 40 cal
Got guns in my house the size of Bow Wow
Niggas screamin' murder but them things don't pop
You can catch me in Hollis at the Hero's Spot
Rap and street shit its all the same
I realize that when 50 snatched Ja's chain
Niggas tellin' niggas that they want to get at us
Well just tell us that you want to get at us
Cause we got pipe bombs and crazy wratchets
And 44 longs with them laser gadgets
You faggots

[Tony Yayo:]
Word up man
Tony Yayo the motherfuckin' greatest in Queens

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