Amy Martin

Prayer to Mamagod

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Dear Mamagod, who art here on earth
I have a confession to make to you
I'm no different than the ones I criticize
In these angry times
I am at war with them

Their arrogance and brutality astound me
They think one murder justifies another
Help me, I'm so scared Mother
I don't know how to fight them
Without becoming like them

She says,
"You can't fight war with war
You can't stop violence with violence
You can't conquer hate with hate, my daughter
Look into your own heart
And start there
To make peace in a world at war"

Dear Mamagod, I want to be a hero
I want to say or do something that will change the world
Is it you who put this desire in me
Or is it just my ego
Harness my will to your wisdom and purpose

Forgive us our sins
As we forgive those who sin against us
Forgive me my sins
Help me forgive those who sin against me

Dear Mamagod, I am full of arguments
Reasoned explanations, good justifications
But the truth is, the only thing I really know
Is that my heart can find no logic behind
Inflicting fear, and pain, and death on my own kind
My heart can find no logic behind this