Precious Stone

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So long have I known you
It's hard to find
New ways to say I love you
And thank you for being mine
Well, here goes another try
Diamonds and jewels, darling
Silver and gold
These things are rare, darling
Or so we are often told
But they can be bought and sold

And what you have it can't be found
As you window shop downtown
Nobody can own
What is yours and yours alone
If only you could see yourself
For the treasure that you are
Then you would know
That you are a precious stone

Lives have been spent searching
For one so true
But no fame and no fortune
Could ever come close to you


Brilliance and radiance
Deepness and strength
Facets of you I have come to know
A priceless appraisal for you
A precious stone and you alone beautiful stone
Precious stone


Autor(es): John Vester / Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon