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One has to come to terms with one's own mortality.
And you can't really help people who are having problems with mortality,
If you've got problems of your own.
So you have to begin to sort things out,
And I thought I had sorted things out, until I saw this excerpt from this book,
Of certainty I shall remember what it said:
"Life is not the opposite of death. Leath is the opposite of birth. life is eternal."
And I thought that it's the most profound words
I have ever heard about that issue, and it really put me in peace.
I felt it was a wonderful story.
And that's it? Hhat else is there to say? heh.
Life is eternal. Surely the opposite of life is not death, but life is eternal.
There is no opposite.
And so, what happens is, I suppose,
And isn't this a raging or outrageous state of pure consciousness, stillness and silence?
Yeah, what we are looking for now,
We are searching for and we have been searching for,
Now we've become closer to it and now we know it's already there,
Is there for ever to seek, it's there, and it's going be there,
All the time, forevermore.

Only you can heal your life,
Only you can heal inside.

Life is eternal.

Autor(es): Danny Cavanagh