Present of Future End

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Dearest public past, I'm chanced in primal mass.
And to you I write vitas for you life.
Adverse troubled child.

When talking involved mouth not hands.
Acute and Obtuse.
A computer can beat this romance.
Where it now exists.
Lyrics doubt each other wrists, as all medium becomes a soothing fist.

To express is either kiss or complain.
Bring in the arms or shove them away.
Repetitiveness of a musical phrase.

Eager skins that light the fires.
Autists hungry for the match.
Drinking fossils of the liars.
Figments where the bugbears at.
I know. You're not me.
I know you not really.

Imagination definition, pseudo-slamming of the skulls to make one mind that someone else.
Take my voice please do what you want with it, chose like a mouse with click, you smile and nod.
Purpose what a selfish orangutang, progress has now been changed, nature is lost.

Where to now, stillborns of the last big take this?
Human beings have been solved and now they want to fake us.

Yours Sincerely, Present of Future End

Autor(es): The Most Serene Republic

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