Marian Call

Press Or Say Three (Your Call Is Important To Us)

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It sounds nice on your planet; I'll visit sometime
Rolling waves, pretty sunsets -- I'll visit sometime
I'll pack all my problems -- I'll leave them with you
And when I get home, with a tan, scrubbed in sand,
No more blood on my hands, I'll know just what to do

Darling I hate you
And I thought that you should know

I want to damage your calm, want to undo your smile
Let me loathe you awhile, let me loathe you awhile
It may not be your fault, I'm sure you meant very well
But I cannot get mad, no I cannot raise hell
When it's really the cat or the car or the weather or web or the flu
There's just you
And for right now
You will do

It sounds nice on your planet; please send my regards
With a smile and a slow wave, please send my regards
Do warn your connections when you mean to come home
So I can prepare for the welcome I've planned,
Rusty pitchfork in hand, a few tricks of my own

Oh Darling, I hate you
And I wanted you to know

Autor(es): Marian Call

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